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Basic annotation
Basic markers
Basic world map
Custom markers
Europe map with graticule
Mapchart with texture
Mapchart with tooltip
Proportional symbol map
US choropleth map (quantile)
US choropleth map(quantize)
US states map with labels
World choropleth mapchart
Map with zoom and pan

Mapchart with tooltip

This example shows how to create a world map with tooltips using react-tooltip. The tooltip displays the name of the country and the population.


Note that you have to use React.memo in order to prevent excessive rerendering when the content of the tooltip is set. Unfortunately it is not possible to set data-tip on a geography directly, therefore you have to set it on ComposableMap.

Custom geographies

If you want to use your own shapefiles with react-simple-maps check out this tutorial on how to convert shapefiles to topojson using mapshaper.org.


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