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React Simple Maps

Create beautiful SVG maps in react with d3-geo and topojson using a declarative api.

npm i -S react-simple-maps

World mapchart showing Climate Watch CO2 emissions in metric tons per capita in 2020. See example.


It's just SVG. React Simple Maps consists of isolated helper components that can be freely composed. Creating and styling map charts is as simple as writing html layouts.

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React Simple Maps integrates seamlessly with other libraries from the React ecosystem, such as react-annotation, react-spring, react-tooltip, styled-components, victory, vx, and many more.


React Simple Maps is a thin wrapper around d3-geo and topojson, providing a declarative API for making map charts. It doesn't add bloat and unnecesary dependencies.


React Simple Maps focuses on handling the tedious stuff, like topojson conversion, zooming, panning, and performance bottlenecks so you can focus on making cool maps.


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React Simple Maps was created by z creative labs. We turn ideas into digital products and specialise in dataviz and data-driven design. Are you looking for someone to create custom mapcharts and data visualisations?

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React Simple Maps